i mean dude

2013 even looks like a shitty number to me and it was a shitty year

2014 looks so much more appealing to me.

2014 is going to be a good year, i can feel it.

no words can explain how wrong i was.

2014 is that really attractive girl in school that looks nice and down to earth but still freakin gorgeous.

But in all honesty is the chick that will kick you and chase you during recess and steal your freakin cheese-it’s and GoGurt. And if it’s a good day, just your cheese-it’s because bitches like those mouth fucking salty cheesy squares.


A message to Levi through his favorite cleaning products from Erwin Smith.


Hey there imageI’m gonna get youimage


Up and goimageyour pants. I’m gonna make you image

my name because I’m gonna


Because you give me such a HUGEimage

I’m gonna image



and image

your image

sweet ass so image

Because I’m your image

and I’m gonna give you a image.

I’m gonna watch my image


into your image

Then for a image

After I image

your ass. I’m gonna image

and image

your back with image.

After we image

We can image

Until the break of image


to love you forever Heichou. 

I’ll see you tonight. ;-)


Erwin <3